Reviews for "freedom awaits"

nicely done mate

when i was watching that i tought that it will end differently, but it didin't
it quite schoked me... but it shows that every story dosen't have a happy ending... i loved it great story and well made

I liked it.

Though the words seem a little bit like a song I wrote but it had a diffrent conclusion.

I Like this flash alot, it's a nice nice peice of work.


Very dark, but not poorly done.

Even though I have to wonder...getting run over by a train gives what kind of freedom? Freedom from what? (Uh, before I start giving a sermon or something)

The overall flow was very nice as far as animation goes, so kudos for that as well.


Funniest thing I've seen all day.

this is great.

i love this movie, you should do more stuff like this (and maybe do something about school shootings like luis did with No Remorse). Great flash. ive watched it about 20 times now.