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Reviews for "Zoombar Commercial"


Reminds me off ren and stimpy. funny as hell and made me piss my pants. I just love teh sound effects

i liked the girl 2 the left

LOL that was just fucking great nice animations 2, it reminded me of Red and Stimpy good work

Well, I'm satisfied.

Loved the "Ren and Stimpy"-ish actions and graphics. Interesting idea and perfect delivery. Good work.

wow that wuz great

beeing an avid gituarist a whamie bar (wowie bar) is a pure nesseity and this proves it. with a normal gituar u pick up chicks. but when u do the "wa wa" thing with the whamie bar then u get a crowd. nice work keep it up

what version of flash hey?

great animation but i want to now how i put in sound cos i have the files i press import but it doesn't pop up!!!!
I wanna have my animations be just like urs and all so replying to this would be greatly apprieciated and of great help!!!