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Reviews for "Zoombar Commercial"

Nice Job

That was the best really stupid commercial advertising a zoombar that i've ever seen!


Funnier then hell!!!What a great comercial,great drawing and all,too bad that the zoombar doesnt exist,heheh.


u make the best shit

no other author rvrn comes close 2 ur lv of tallent keep it up u rule!! by the way..5

My god.....(Overall:999999999999999999999999999999

Wald Disney can suck my dick....Your animation really put it to shame.....what can I say more?!

U ROCK RYAN, U ROCK!!!!(Finish that movie u working on....I CAN'T WAIT MORE!!!!!


I love your work man its totally like ren and stimpy also thats what makes it so much better. You rule and same with ren and stimpy.