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Reviews for "Zoombar Commercial"


Dude, the "Ren and Stimpy" Style facial expressions, made this movie kick ass. I already own a "Zoombar" like bar, I wish mine would made hott chicks appear. Then I'd be like.. weeeeeeeeeee


yeah! i luv the "ren & stimpy" stile! this was a great work of animation - you'r da man!

I want one

hahahaha love the commercial man it ruled, I think it was funny I mean really funny, I my self play guitar and found it good, I reminds me of a something a roadie would dream of, and as for all you flamers out on newgrounds suck on my 100% Canadian nutsack you little shit disturbers, peace out and have an awesome year


All right, that was totaly Ren and Stimpy. Great job!

Haven't seen that cartooning style in ages...

Wow...very Ren & Stimply-esque, I'd have to say. The animations was supurb, by the way. Keep it up.