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Reviews for "Zoombar Commercial"

It owns

Being a guitarist I gotta say that fucking rules haha, y'know if the company still existed I may actually have been convinced to buy a ZoomBar :).

that was cool

i like how you have a ren and stimpy like style, good job


Loved the aminations, same expressions as stick death flashes but with more detail. Loved it, keep up the good work.

ren and stimpy style, very hard to master!!

i definatly agree with jagdpanther, this is a good style w/the whole ren and stimpy vibe...its sic......good job

What a piece of crap

What a piece of crap!!! is what I would say if this movie sucked, but it didn't, this is the mad hopping Rocking Shiza which I love! Extra Props go for looking a bit like a Ren/Stimpy Art style! Take the 10, you desesrved it! Rock on my man!