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Reviews for "Zoombar Commercial"

That's cool, man

The best thing about this was the "Ren & Stimpy" like animation. It's just so cool to see people put so much emotion into the characters they are animating. Another example of good animating is when you showed all those people in the stands. When I first heard the title, I thought it was going to be a parody of a candy bar commercial. I have never played the guitar so I have no clue what "zoombar" means in this context. I wish I was that lucky to get kisses from hot girls.

Some of the stuff was fairly typical so I recommend maybe spicing it up a bit. It's kind of long for a commercial, but this is a web commercial after all. This cartoon and zoombar should please any guitarists. The text shown at the end was pretty cool especially with the different layouts you chose. I hope this website has gotten back by now.


seems like u got the drawing likeness from ren and stimpy nice

this is where it all started...

i remember when you first did this. it inspired me to stop messing around with stick figures, and is one of the first few non stick figure animations that you did!!! thanks for this, you really helped give me a dream of my own to one day getting paid to do what i love. righteous!


that was awsome

what version of flash hey?

great animation but i want to now how i put in sound cos i have the files i press import but it doesn't pop up!!!!
I wanna have my animations be just like urs and all so replying to this would be greatly apprieciated and of great help!!!