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Reviews for "Sap"

Original movements and love the style. Kind of wish it was longer... :)
PS: Didn't see any intro but did get a long ending text. (8 bit fonts don't have good readability and a block-paragraph would have been terrible - good that you spaced it out to one liners.)
+++ for not using the typing text effect!! It's unnatural, our eyes don't take in the text like that.

I'd love to play a sequel where you can manage to run and have to fight your hivemind brethren while being on the run.

I found a bug! I died and respawned at the start screen, but the Gate at the top was closed, so I couldn't get into the corridor. Pressed Down to melt, and then I couldn't do anythting :(

I like that little slime boi!

okay, i have a lot to say, so firts
Technical: really well made, the 2 color palette, even when its this 2 really vibrant colors such as yellow mustard and forest green, gives this bleak idea of darkness and filth really well, the slow pase of the sap allows you to pay attention to alll the small details in the background, and the mechanic is good, easy to get easy to perfom
Plot: Holy fuck, this either is about depression or an abusive relationship, or both.
i really cant believe how much i resonated with the dying saps and their dialogues, because i mysalf had said those thing to myself when i had depression, and the first time i saw the ending, i kinda knew what was about to happen, but reading that made chills run down my spine, i have known people who survived abusive relationships, and that was gaslighting, victim blaming and many other things they do to keep the person under control, and i think this is a good way to comunicate how one must feel under this circumstances, praying for death, loosing all hope, believen the words of your abuser, it was a really great experience that really opened my eyes about how much i have walked since those dark days, thank you.
and to anyone who is reading this: the path is painful, everything takes time, but suicide is not the option, giving up is not an option, you have survived up until now and had made a great work doing it, so please, keep on living, thre are people who will miss you, who truly love you, because you are worth it, you matter, dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Probably the most atmospheric, intriguing game I've played here in a while. The art makes for such disturbing, yet sympathetic creatures of the saps, with so little resolution. A pleasing color pallete, minimalism at its finest, even the lack of 'normal' music helps with the ambiance. Even the mechanics highlight our protagonist's helplessness- no legs to jump, or hands to claw.

The story was an interesting metaphor, and innovative at that. It reads like a grim warning, and even if it's short there's still time for to set up very telling tidbits. From "I never liked that one anyways." and "You were always my favorite." to the simple fact that the hive completely drops its swearing in the ending.

The NPCs fit perfectly. I rather liked the intro! The dialogue there is great and valuable, and rather than skipping it, I think the best thing to do would be speeding up the section that scrolls through the hive, as it's the actually monotonous part.

(While it does set some ambiance, it could use a bit more movement than just the walls slowly scrolling. It'd be nice to see a rusted pipe fall loose into the hive, knocking out our sap and beginning the story. Or just have some sap faces moan when the credits show.)

i'd love more of this, maybe multiple endings, even if none of them were that hopeful. Still, I guess that would cheapen the game for you, so I guess that's that.