Reviews for "[Bass Thumper g-R]"


not really my bag of chips the bass didnt really have a smooth sound to it but im sure that there is someone out there going this is the best ever.


now i have music to listen to while im in the toilet... bass induces bladder movement.

8/10. it would have been 10/10 if deaf people could hear it too. but it cant. you failed in that area. shame on you.


IDK if this is a serious song or not, but it's ripping my poor speakers apart. It's pretty cool, but way over the top. Gave me a good laugh. But I shall sue you for $10, the speakers that shall never play music again. LOL.

yea this is bass thumper

this makes it on the best bass songs ever like *[GamE]* by Sp1r1t. sweet... sounds sota halloween-ish


i like it man~!