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Reviews for "Picowars"

Great game I love Advanced Wars and this is the best adaption of it on Newgrounds, imo. But it doesn't seem you save your progress if you quit, is there a way to save? If not that's all this is really missing.

lambdanaut responds:

Hey WaffleCrisp! Thanks a lot!

Yes, your game should save after each campaign mission. When you get to the score screen it will let you save your game by pressing "Z".

Very well made!

Build an army, trust nobody.

This game is excellent, if you ever played advanced wars, it's pretty much the same. I didn't expect this much content to be honest, but this is now one of my favorite games in this site.


this is nice but i was confused with how to play this game for a while but i learned some mechanics by playing for a while, i did not learn the capture part till i saw your comment for the breakdown of the game, there should have been an info page in-game to help people learn the mechanics of the game, you should be able to see info about the unit you are gonna spawn in the base menu that could help see how much damage that unit does and how much HP it has. the breakdown of the game opened in the same tab as the game so i lost all the progress i had but it was no biggie cuz this game is really fun! i can play this game all day long and still not be bored. The A.I. is pretty good makes this game pretty challenging but not that much.

PS- what does the APC unit do? it does not seem to attack any units

lambdanaut responds:

First I really want to thank you for putting in the time to understand the game. That's awesome!

The APC unit is a weird unit. It stands for Armored Personnel Carrier. You can move your infantry or mechs onto it and it can carry them further distances. It can't attack otherwise.

It can be useful on some maps where you need to move infantry or mechs far in the first few turns in order to capture properties far away.

I posted an updated guide here: http://lambdanaut.com/posts/2020-06-25-How-To-Play-Picowars.html