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Reviews for "Breaking up with Adobe"

If MTV was edgy and relevant like it was in the early 80's, I could see this being on MTV as a recurring thing.

This is not only the perfect video for the subject, but the perfect audience to show it to. Tens across the board!

Adobe is seriously the reason I only use free software now--except an ancient copy of Flash, go figure--I try to keep it to myself, but every time I hear someone talking about their products I think they're an enabler for the worst company in the world.

Back to relevance, your style always feels fresh, even when I watch the same video over and over. It's exciting that someone as fun to look at has every non-visual aspect on lockdown, too. Eagerly awaiting more.

Awesome look forward to seeing more

Awesome! Very cool and original style/idea. Good content, too.

Your art is just absolutely amazing. The shading, the highlights, the mix of live acting and animation. One of my favorites on here!