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Reviews for "Son Of The Musk"

This is my favorite submission to this jam. Good work everyone!

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thank you so much, glad to hear so. Credit definitely goes to the crew on this one

This is great, you went way past just making a joke animation out of this jam!

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thanks!! i tried my best to cram in as many jokes as i could. Aside from Lil X saying his name i tried to avoid as many on the nose jokes as i could and think more about making elon musk this strange void creature :)

retroarcademonkey responds:

The fun really was doing these gags as straight as possible. I definitely appreciate being able to take part in something that feels very performance based, while still relying on the funny psychotic dynamic of the two characters.

Hands down the best, just so many good jokes! Makes me wish I could see some of the cut ones. And of course, animation and voices were on point too. I hope this wins!

BoyPorcelain responds:

there was going to be a scene where Elon starts listing alternative names he thought of giving his son and then the kid was going to list more science-y things that Elon Musk does that ruins his life, each of those science-based things being something related to his different companies. But due to the time of me animating this on top of a full-time job they sadly had to go... Maybe stuff to put in the bank for the future... Thank you so much for the comment, I'm honestly so glad that you like it! :)

This is fucking brilliant.
You did an amazing job actually making something of quality out of this horseshit jam theme.

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thanks! I wasnt going to take part but the more i thought about it the more i realised i had an actual story i could tell from it. Happy you like it, feedback like that makes me glad i made it! :)

That was surprisingly sweet

Also, fun fact, someone did the math on the kid's name (found the phonetics for each symbol), and found out it's actually supposed to be pronounced Kyle!