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Reviews for "Son Of The Musk"

This was awesome! Loved the bit where he was talking about running over the deer and just started laughing like a madman... haha!

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thanks! thats one of my favourite parts, LuckOdaStars did an incredible job with voicing that laugh

This is hysterical. Bits like Elon erasing hiss memory or laughing over the deer or him just being an awful neg to his own kid. Fantastic

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it

my favorite part was: HAHAHAHAHA I'M A BULLY

VoicesByCorey responds:

:D that was honestly my favorite part to record lol!

really good better than a movie with a similar name that cost 84 million USD and made 59,9
thanks to boyporcelain for pointing my mistake

BoyPorcelain responds:

Im glad someone finally pointed out the reference! I hope we're talking about the same movie though... google tells me it was 84 million?

nOoT eNOuGGh CyBEor tRUckS, I'm kidding, this is truly fan-freakin'-tastic

BoyPorcelain responds:

You know I'm truly surprised I actually haven't gotten comments like that... Thank you for the kind words! :)