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Reviews for "Mission MOANified Collab"

this is good

Octo responds:

Something about this doesn't seem genuine.

Honestly just disgusting how dare you shame such a high priestess of cosplay. I'll assemble the simp army to cum and destroy you incels...Love Drummer From Hell (O.0)

For heaven sakes, can we ban these psychopaths. I’m always in the mood for a good joke (most of the time) but I was flabbergasted that these people had the nerve to make a joke out of the moon lady. This is intolerable behavior and people shouldn’t tolerate this much negativity on this site. But I did like the part where Diives did the poggers face. It really was a knee slapper.

StaggerNight responds:


Pyronator responds:

Gee I know right. Also that poggers face looks really familiar.


Lovely! Fantastic. The tastefullest of the tastefulliest. Crunchy. Raw. Hungry and real, this flash had it all baby. No clue who Miss Moonified is. How dare the moderation team ban! No bueno.

What's the song playing during the credits?

LobsterMango responds:

the song is Bonus Room Blitz, from Donkey Kong Country