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Reviews for "Mission MOANified Collab"

It's super funny watching a bunch of kids get this butthurt over a voice actress on Newgrounds and being old enough to remember the hate piece on Rina-chan. Even a decade later it's the same jokes projecting and deflecting insecurities.

But no, enjoy the irony of dumping on someone for making daily whatever by using an army of simps while getting daily yourselves for poor animation and weak jokes by using an army of incels. It's totally different after all.

Also can I just say thanks to all the super insecure creators who were so butthurt over a single review that they all had to desperately respond to this within a day. I'm glad that they're so bad at this that they got the subject of their attempt at bullying to defend it. That's some beta energy if I've ever seen it.

GrayAnimations responds:


Joe-Mega responds:

Damn dude, you got us (or at least me. I'm sort of a hack) but miss moonified took our jabs like a champ so I guess the least I can do is take the backlash on the chin :)

Although if you really want to put us in our place you should make a collab about us being incels ;)

Pyronator responds:

Oh gosh oh jeez, you got us. I guess I’ll have to quit NewGrounds forever.

StaggerNight responds:

I cant handle it anymore, after reading that I might have to turn my self in now. *cries*

LobsterMango responds:

Whoa cool :D

OctoNG responds:


MissMoonified responds:

it chill, people are allowed to dislike me if they wanna LOL
I found it funny, if you take life too seriously, you just get gray hair early :D
I am kinda honored people were mad enough that they made something this "complex"
Was it mean? Sure. But I take it as a fuckin compliment

I'm telling mum

Daily 3rd Place? Not bad at all! Some segments reminded me of The Disgusting Collab and Street Fighter Chode in regards to animation and audio styles used. I feel like this collab was thought of pretty quickly after the recent top 5 stuff that occurred.

"This says a lot about our society" - Michael, VSauce.

Okay I know this is Newgrounds but you didnt have to AROUSE me like that