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Reviews for "Char x Jas animation pt 1 wip"

oh man oh man

The expressions and body language in this are top notch, man. Things like cap tiger acting ticklish at the start, and the squishing/looking at each other for a while for example, are all things you don't usually see portrayed in stuff like this. It really feels like a treat.

It's also crazy that it's 2 minutes long feeling as smooth as it does. Understandably it is a lot of sketches, and the level of detail going down is pretty noticeable by the end. Not sure how far you want to take this WIP and I can easily see it taking double the time and effort to finish, so I won't be holding my breath; though if you do complete it I can see it doing outstandingly well in reception.

I don't even have a penis and it managed to make me hard ... <3.

For a soundless, colorless wip... this is OUTSTANDING.

I would love for this to get finished, its fantastic.