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Reviews for "The Fading Light"

Awesome-looking game! I'm glad to have been able to play this, this is a straight-forward, but nevertheless stunning game!
The gameplay concept is very simple and was a little bit irritating to me, since my aim of fire always faced the direction that I was going towards, so it ended up in me having to always distance myself from the enemies and come back, which I at first didn't like, but then I got used to it and realized that it really adds some uniqueness to the game and requires you to think a little bit ahead on how you're going to move and when.

I also really like the different powers you have, they all have cool-looking glows and I like how they each have unique abilities! I liked the freeze, it felt satisfying shooting the enemies with that and it made it easier on me when they were moving in slow-mo.

Overall, really nice demo to your game! I've seen many games with a reminiscent style to this one (dark environment, cute, little main character, colorful lights) but this felt like a really special experience! ;^)

Love this game! The aiming was a bit annoying, but I still had a great experience!

Nice game, this does remind me of a game i used to watch but i can't remember the name of it.
Still, a very nice game, keep it up!


I enjoyed it, but only after i accepted i was going to die early. Maybe add waves, you're still trying to figure out the feel of the game when you have a whole swarm of them chasing you. Its a little hard to do but better players than me probably had a great time, good idea, good animation but maybe amp up the enemies slowly instead of lots chasing you after 30 seconds.