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Reviews for "cat allergies"

short and sweet nice one. If you looking for sounds I use a site called freesound

ChipsGoWOAH responds:

oh yeah a friend told me about it, its nice, its good to have as much places to look for as you can

Love knows no allergies; thats how the saying goes, right?

ChipsGoWOAH responds:

you just gotta fight through the pain yeah

Very well animated.

Honestly this is so smooth, I can't wait to see the finished animation.

It really gives me those anime vibes.

ChipsGoWOAH responds:

thank you im glad you think its smooth, its like 30 fps but most of it is animated on 4's lol
also this is as far as im taking this animation i didnt feel like cleaning it, i just wanna move on, i wasnt even planning on giving it sound but some friends suggested i should.


cute! I hope to see a larger short in this style some day!

ChipsGoWOAH responds:

thank you!! I'll slowly make my way onto bigger animations, audio still intimidates me a lot but ill keep trying.