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Reviews for "Cook a krabby patty"



it feels like construct2 is gonna take over adobe flash

at first i didnt understand..but after hearing that soundtrack, i realized its genius

also i got the um,, "secret" where the ingredients started to spasm and a loud noise played

This is the best game I have ever found on this site!

Edit: The easyupload link is brokendbwqhdubqwhibnd
The game is unsurprisingly not NES controller friendly, but it's still amazing to play with the controller, I got 1 burgers in the given time

Edit 2: If anybody really wants the full soundtrack I recorded it myself with Audacity, you can get it here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nCb61nD5envtTEvHJJ8FcpqERNsu0zZ7?usp=sharing

ZabuJard responds:

baby one more time by britney spears i sing it