Reviews for "Discord Server On Saturn"

I like the ambient plodding sounds at the beginning and the warm pads. I think the lead at :24 might’ve needed a bit more reverb to blend in with the atmosphere, though. I like the progression at around :40, but by :44 is a bit too loud and the snare is a little quiet. It sounded like the progression was straying a bit too far from its owner by 1:45, so I’m glad you offered a re-intro there. The details in here are really well done, from the puttering white noise to the radio effects at 2:17. The piano at 3:05 had a great, warm sound, but I wished you had foreshadowed its entrance a little better. I’m generally skeptical of new instruments that are introduced during the last 30 seconds of a track. Overall, the piece doesn’t quite come together for me - there’s no emotional height during the second half, and little cohesion overall. You nailed the mood, atmosphere, and sound design. Some structural repetition would help this piece a lot, though. Keep at it, 1f1n1ty. ;)


1f1n1ty responds:

There are no new instruments entering in the last 30 seconds, those are all things you've heard before. Except the piano. That was new

EDIT: I don't remember if I was joking or if I was just dumb, but I just repeated Tainted's exact point \_\

It sounds so mystical... My Discord Servers aren't like that... Lovely Music.

1f1n1ty responds:

that's cuz you don't live on SATURDDD

Wow, I really like the ambient intro!

I really like the chill vibes that the chord rhythm gives, in conjuction to the higher synth. However, I feel like there may have been too much distortion in some of the chords. You probably put them in there for effect, but too much makes it sound a bit messed up with the other synths.

Overall, I enjoyed the piece a lot! One central feeling was shown throughout, and carried out masterfully :)

1f1n1ty responds:

Thanks for the kind words man

I don't remember putting distortion on chords. Must have came with the presets :P

this is real cooooool, big shpongle vibes in that intro

i think overall this is too heavily mastered for what it wants to be (i.e. smooth illbient jams). i like that there's still a lot of dynamics in this but some of the synths are popping out too much imo (e.g. gated synth @0:53 once the filter opens up later, saw chords @ 2:31). also not really digging the acoustic drum sounds, and while they sit too low in the mix to have any real impact (not a gooooood thing imo) the actual sounds themselves don't really fit the vibe. especially that snare w/ the big round electro kick, it's kinda weird! something snappier with stronger transients would probably fit a bit better imo.

the mixing is mostly pretty good. apart from the aforementioned saw chord the latter section is really great - especially digging the flurrying little arps dancing in the background and the syncopated bells (*maybe* LP filter those before they hit the reverb because they come out a little bit hissy on the reverb tail). and i mean apart from the drums from 0:45 to 1:45 the sound design here is pretty damn sick!

i like how the piece takes you on a journey, seems to be a bit of a theme in your work haha
i think some stronger use of leitmotifs throughout would be good to give things a better thematic cohesiveness - the transitions are fairly smooth though so idk if this is just me wanting something that doesn't really need to be there? the sections do feel kinda disparate to me, though.

wowwwww i wrote a lot more about this than i thought i would. i think that means i like it! :v

1f1n1ty responds:

thanks for dropping by midi

i... don't master anything i make :P mostly cuz I don't know how

drum design is one of my weak spots, and i'm a freaking percussionist. i wish i actually knew crap about mixing good drum sounds but i generally don't which is why i end up using loops sometimes

i tried to make leitmotifs but a piece like this doesn't really support strong melodies whoops :P

Whoa dude! This song is awesome. :)

Hate to be that one guy, but why can't you use this in GD?

1f1n1ty responds:

You'll be able to use it when NGADM is over