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Reviews for "An Experiment"

A Madness Combat horror video? I'll take it!

I always wondered about these guys' hands. I thought, if you pulled them back hard enough, eventually they'd rip off, but it looks like the AAHW just put that theory to the test today and found out that the grunt still had some sort of semblance of control over their hands, even when they were possibly fifty feet away. However, this apparently started to break the very physical reality of the grunt and transform him into a glitching monster hellbent on eradicating anyone around him.

There's much more to be learned, but, from what we have gathered, it's possible this handless grunt creature can be used as a potentially unstoppable weapon; just in very, very dire situations.

And of course, loved the closing bit with Sanford and Deimos watching this experiment go down.

Have to admit. That hand experiment seemed funny at some point. But after the lag and the coding started to fail and the experiment went all haywire. That was really scary. That animation style was like an old game that started to bug out and made me feel like I was watching or playing an old PS1 game. That lag was scary as fuck! But I like it! I see you keep on improvising on the right track! Can't wait to see what you will give us in the future!

you can make a remake of madness combat 1?

I never know that Deimos and Sanford comeback!!

always dope