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Reviews for "An Experiment"

Why i feel like every single time Krinkle post new madness video, the insanity meter keep getting higher
Imagine Krinkle still doing madness when he old, what kind of chaos he will bring to this world

Yooooo!!!! That was wild!!! Awesome work as always, Mr. Krinkles! Now we know what happens when their hands are removed, very interesting.

Sik as

The hell was that..

I loved it <3

12/10 needs more paranormal

Could we get more stuff like this? I found it more terrifying than a horror movie lol

Common physics do not apply to those hands after all, huh. When in close vicinity to the body they seem to act just as regular hands, who would've known such an anomaly was possible!

Love how even now you keep re-inventing things like this. Even if the code bit for a moment made it feel almost like the realm wasn't real. But then again was it ever meant to... was it meant to emulate a game all along? An artificial world? And does this mean the madness game(s) in the works are really the real world? The very essence of the realm? Or that it's all becoming more and more like one? Maybe similar to our own world getting gamified in all potential ways, until we're but living in an artificial and augmented reality; so does this... our true future madness.

This simple experiment really topples foundations; turns some heads! Makes you think.

Also would've been so perfect for Halloween.