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Reviews for "An Experiment"

how did this make him into that creature ? im confusion

I feel like this could have been the origins of Clown.
I'm always super impressed with how you manage to keep things "Krinkels"esque but also do new things that spice up the mythos of your world.

I was actually talking about you the other day about how you showed up and invented a new genre and after all this time no one seems to have surpassed you in what you do best.

This video vaguely reminds me of the Russian Sleep Experiment.

Guess I could nickname it The Nevada Hand Experiment then?

The hell was that..

I loved it <3

12/10 needs more paranormal

Could we get more stuff like this? I found it more terrifying than a horror movie lol

whats is mush scarier in that animation is that the Grunt dont walk, he slides