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Reviews for "An Experiment"

cool! I always love these


This leaves more questions than answers, to be completely honest. However, it does answer the age-old question of what happens to Madness characters if their hands are separated from their bodies. They experience great pain- not sure where the pain is, but whatever, and eventually the pain glitches the victim, allowing use of unnatural powers. If the AAHW documented this, they'd probably weaponize it. It's a great short.

Jesus Christ wut happened? I mean, hands are replaceable. U don't have to get mad. Jesus it's like ur on drugs or ur being possessed or something. Chill out man! Sure prosthetic hands cost a lot of money but... Well.... Well considering how much this guy makes for a living (which I assume is minimum wage) ye id be mad that I can't afford fake hands.

i guess he didnt like the buttons