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Reviews for "Lion King the Remakeboot"

I had to re sign into my account after six years just to say this shit was amazing!

Good shit my man.

When I clicked on this, I was not expecting a full 20 plus minute video, nor any accuracy to the original film. I thought, "surely I won't end up watching the entire thing," but this was so brilliant that I watched all the way to the credits and I'll watch it again because it was amazing. I love that it was silly through the whole video, but it didn't grow stale at any point. The broken animations were good for a laugh at every single scene. I was losing it by the mid way mark and had to pause for a break. 11/10 would replace the original movie with this. Well done!

This is too zero budgets. Disney is supposed to be beautiful animations, great storytelling, and lovable characters and the writings! This is monstrosity!

Edit: OH BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! Laugh and hate me if you want! But it dosen't compare to this video! If you watch this video, you will understand what the animation and the story feels to the viewers!

Mother's Waltz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9p0rFYY9cA

this is just priceless given the fact that the animation maybe not that grate but it was an obvious choice but it dose sum up pretty much everything that went on in even less time then the movie did so still funny and amazing work^_^keep it up