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Reviews for "Wall Roller"

This game is better than the battery one. Keep up the good work!

I recorded gameplay for this game Link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXQWee6PBUQ&feature=youtu.be

Awesome!! And very addictive!

This is too tough for me (or at least I'll have to come back), but I looooooove the concept and the mechanics! I don't remember ever seeing anything like this, ever! I guess I can make this one criticism - currently, the graphics and sound seem a little bit... dated? Like it reminds me of older Coolmath stuff. I'm not 100% sure how to make them better, other than maybe start learning some music theory in your spare time so that you know how to start making less simplistic music. Overall it's pretty good, though.

It's always nice to have a game where you don't have to press many buttons. That doesn't mean it still isn't hard though. I really did love the little details. I was surprised how it got hard so quickly. The music's nice too. It deserves its Daily 2nd Place.

That is, it's not great. It's just good. Please don't take offense to that. The premise was interesting too. I guess the purple powerups make you change direction as I wasn't really noticing.

i love this