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Reviews for "Wall Roller"

Cool game yo.

I really like the puzzles and music
( *~*){<3)

Pretty neat puzzler! I like the more action-orientated puzzles as a change from the usual puzzles, and I felt like the levels were solidly put-together with nice variations and pacing in introducing mechanics. The only oddity for me, and maybe it's just a problem with my brain, is that I felt I could never quite tell what direction the ball was going to rotate when it switched surfaces after a jump. I got better at it as I went on, but I think it was more that, as a game dev, I was able to figure out how you were designing the puzzle and went along with what seemed like the ideal route, instead of actually figuring it out as a player. So I would make jumps that I wouldn't know how I'd end up, but I would because I'd put it in the context of 'well, this level must be beatable and this must be the way because I trust it to be designed like this'. Does that make any sense? Maybe it doesn't, haha. Anyway, solid game.


A truly amazing game. Great level design, sound and art. The new mechanics that are introduced throughout the levels keep the game fresh, and the level count is perfect- not too little, but not overly long either.
Great job