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Reviews for "Wall Roller"

Clever and original.

Simple control system, complex strategy.

Not really my game style, but still one of the better games from recent years.

Great game, the mechanic is really unique and fun.

Very very fun

Where this game shows some real talent is in the security of its level design - the solution is strict when it wants to be, even in tight levels where platforms and elements are closely packed together. In addition, each new element is introduced in a zone where there is little danger to the player, and the ball moves at a perfect speed which allows for some precision segments but also does not feel annoying to control. The only big complaint I have is audio-related, which is great, because I understand that not every game maker is a music aficionado. While the background music is all futuristic and catchy, the sound effects are very derpy. The two elements clash horribly but it doesn't kill my rating of this game for the above reasons.

What a blast! Final few levels really took some patience, but it was worth the challenge after all. Had to reload the game and play the final level again though to get the final level - assume the API connection times out after a while.

Thorough fun. Great design, and just the right level of difficulty/length.