Reviews for "Bloody Anne"

The colors, the conturs, the light... just perfect! Keep going :D

I like it, how she's standing on the rock and the other fighters are behind her, she's looking like the leader of the troop. The armor is very detailed and awesome! :3

I like the concept of a female bringer of death. In some ways, I don't think we have quite enough of this in writing and other media. I'd offer the following critiques: the sky needs a bit more in deeper reds/oranges/yellows for the blood-lust/battle setting. The ground she stands should be a bit darker to reflect her darker personality, and perhaps something more, like a faint but discernible aura around her to indicate her evil.

I'd ask you to do concept art for armors in my video game....
But I'm not making a video game.
So there you go.
Anyhoo, This obviously took a long time. The lighting and shading is real, but the hint of outlines keeps it's cartoon-ish style. The whole style of the armor is fascinating, and I love the sword in her right hand. Overall, an exceptional piece. Five and five. =D

I love your work. This piece is especially powerful.