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Reviews for "Forgotten Hill Pico"

Challenging, but fair. It was fun to have a shorter entry in the Forgotten Hill series, a quick set of brain teasers for the day. And I like the retro look.

damn FM studio you make my childhood game of pico 8 come back to life my good sir can't lied to you you guys make best horror games and some of forgotten hill tales i wonder what would be cool if you make an horror game base on horror movie or game like crossover or something but damn i played this and it almost look like pico 8 hired you fella to make an horror games i wish for very best to you guys make to another game like pico 8 can't wait for your new horror game of forgotten hill series my sir :)

The book shelf puzzle was the only thing I couldn't understand (I knew it had to do with the numbers but when I touched the shelves not all books reacted... I'm still unsure about it).
The graphics were pretty cool and the atmosphere was awesome. Sweet good puzzles with no moon logic (my class of adventure game). Short and sweet game.

it was difficult, but hella fun

super great game, as usual. the bookshelf puzzle was relatively easy too.