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Reviews for "LL - Flash Fondler"

this is an extremely accurate simulation of the current state of flash crews+ of the usual content of the NG portal. (i mean its a parody yes, but some of those random movie titles are spot on!)

as for the game itself, its nicely scripted, with good upgrades, nice statistics and with some cool upgrades that keep the game interesting and good for longer playing sessions.
i like the gradual texts that you get when the crew gets stronger and with more movies+members, BTW.

its a nice touch, and i like the sharp humour in the whole game.
its good, nicely designed and with proper actionscript work, in all aspects.
keep up the good work, man, and have a happy lockday!

Sir-Davey responds:

Happy lock day to you too bro! Thanks for 5

Game starts bogging down around 4 million members.
Since the feed starts just fast scrolling long before that: you could cap the feed generation before it kills the game.

TrashLock responds:

I guess it depends on people's computers because I played through the game several times on mine and it worked well past beyond 3 million members! Thanks for the review!

This game is too realistic

The best thing to be posted on Newgrounds since Tom killed Flash animation.

This is not a game... It's a prophecy.