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Reviews for "LL - Lockday Tonight"

I have this looping while I'm doing dishes and it doesn't even feel like work now.

Your song is so fucking good! Especially when you used your mouth to make the guitar solo lol

Whaa--? What's with the low score? I loved this! I thought it was really interesting to see you guys deal with the virus. The animation was quite good. Please gives us a coronavirus section.

I mean, this is something everyone is dealing with now! Well, you did say it was made a long time ago. I still love it. I forgot all about Lock Day. Well, it's hard to keep track of all these holidays.

2020's really a resurgence of the crews! :D Shame about that Peruvian domain squatter though... that seems to be the cause of this discord among your ranks.

Getting mixed messages about the party/war thing, but whichever it is it's cool to see it still rages. Hope y'all get some new recruits now too. Happy 17th.


didint know ya fucks were still around the videos good too 5 stars