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Reviews for "Lock Day 2020"

good flash

Thanks for the cameo bruh

Was it fun tho? WAS IT THO?

this was a truly beautiful and emotional journey in the current state of the locklegion, and on its possible future.
i like how you've designed the old LL HQ on its broken down form, with the many old trophies of TotW, or the old LL vault being empty, and the portraits with the LL's founder's, admins, slumlords and of their most influential members.
i also liked the depictions of random CC graffiti that was shown in some of the LL's old walls, and that as we moved on, we would see the new haven of locktopia: the discordium lands.

the final scene with all the locks, both new and old, having a good time was beautiful and emotional to me.
i also liked the beautiful and (very well hidden!!!1) easter egg, where you spoke about your experience in the LL and what are your thoughts on it.

it was a very nice and charming movie about the impact of the LL on the internet, and a hope for its future.
fantastic work, keep it up, and have a happy lockday!

Amazing stuff! Glad to see you around.