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Reviews for "Midnight Dice"

love it, very fun

Very interesting and mostly repetitive game. Over time, more strategies are uncovered that will help you win against them. The only problem I encountered is that I didn't receive medals for "Lucky Streak 6" and "Blessed" when I got a 7-streak. Other than that, this is a fantastic game.

No matter how many times I try i cannot get the game to load. It always loads up to a certain percentage, stops, I reload it, it loads a bit more, another reload, then another and another and after it reaches some 75-79% constantly fails to load to 100%.


After fix everything works well.

Not bad, there were no instructions at first, but after a few tries you figure it out fast. It's a simple game and it's quite fun.

It's an alright game, a little bit of time wasted on a little bit of fun.