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Reviews for "Hello Universe (헬로 유니버스) (2018)"

상당히 잘만들었네요...

the best one!

this song reminded me alot of Daft Punk's album Interstelar 5555 really well made :D added to my favourites and followed

hellouni5 responds:

Cheers! In fact daft punk is not our biggest influences but we do love their music~

and was that a STEAM PUNK DRUMKIT!
omg i love thease colours so much

hellouni5 responds:

You noticed the steam punk drumkit~ Thank you for your kind words :D

It's very pretty. I wish more effort had been put into the ship's thrusters, though.

Very well done animation of the characters and the ship itself.

Astounding work with the screen popups towards the end of the video. Top notch.

Gorgeous song, by the way. Very haunting and beautiful.

hellouni5 responds:

Hello, DreamHollow.
As this video is our very first work, we can understand that the thruster parts could be a bit disappointing :)
Thank you for your kind words. xx