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Reviews for "Anyhow (어떻게든)"

Oooh, that is beautiful!

hellouni5 responds:

Thank you for your comment~

Catchy, amazing work!

hellouni5 responds:

Cheers, Aeon!

It's interesting hearing a such a deep tone from the tiny figure, but the angle wings and a nice sense of timelessness.
I am impressed by your lip syncing with the lyrics, and over all I really like your simple color design for the character and background.
It certainly allows the pure white of the wings to stand out and contrast themselves.
Thank you for making this.

hellouni5 responds:

Hello, Putney.
We really appreciate your kind words!
We are truly glad that you have pointed out all the things that we have put effort in~

한국인 무비 올라온건 최근 들어서 처음인 것 같아요

hellouni5 responds:


I will follow your growth with great interest

hellouni5 responds:

Cheers! Thank you for your interest :D