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Reviews for "The SIMPsons (parody)"

Holy Christ, ok.

Surprisingly topical and entirely intelligent with its presentation. This subject did really well within the Simpson's setting, and I think you guys nailed it~!

I will paraphrase the immortal words of Dr Ian Hammond: Society and its people were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

There was a reason why modesty and traditional ideals held things together. They stopped the spreading of REALLY bad ideas and selling our bodies and souls to the people whom never cared about them in the first place but more then happy to exploit them until they are bored with them or they arent what they want them to be.

i do applaud this toon (the advertisement on the youtube channel kinda... weakens the message, ngl)

i may use newgrounds for porn but i dont fuck with th thotty shit
im not a simp

Homer's actions bring a tear to my eye.
Finally someone's makin sense in these fucked times.

Lol this cool