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Reviews for "Gravity Snake"

It is a fun and relaxing game.

another great game from mrnannings

An entertaining new take on the classic! I love the idea, though the difficulty increase with each level feels a bit off - was stuck on the third one for some time, then suddenly it's back to easy, with just a few hard ones along the way, not a steady increase but a bit more random.

Still does feel like a wholesome experience though. Just the right length. Plenty of variation. A little challenge but mostly fun. Would be interesting with spin-off games like this, say a snake game where instead of going in a specific direction you slither with the arrow keys, each direction curving you slightly that one way, in a similar 2D landscape as this one... so many fun twists this could open too. Nice work.


A very simple idea done well in a short game. It's always a pleasure playing your games!

Great twist on an old favorite. Some levels were especially challenging. Just the right amount.
Love your cute graphics and music. Thank you! I enjoyed this! Not sure the medals worked for me. Level 20 not shown as completed as indicated with the star. Hmm...But nice game anyway.