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Reviews for "Gravity Snake"

i love how no matter how many apples you eat, you're still light enough to be carried by clouds

its an alright game but its presentation and gameplay feels way too similar to a game called snakebird and this just seems like a more stripped down version of that

Simple concept, very good execution; some challenge but not frustrating. Solid game.

GG level 20 level 16 and 18 was hard

I loved this! Hey, it was released on my birthday! I thought it was just so cute. It can get frustrating. Never underestimate a game that looks simple. The music was great too.

It reminds me of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Well, this is a hungry worm. It was easy to tell those gray things were bad. They're germs, aren't they? Love how much you can do with such a simple game.