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Reviews for "Gravity Snake"

It is a fun and relaxing game.

fun and cute game, and i really like the background music. I loved snakebird a lot and this was really refreshing in its similarity. I feel like moving could have been a bit more responsive, I had some issue moving past the moving saw blades in a few levels. I think having to be speedy works for some levels, but it seemed kind of arbitrary for others. The whole game is a puzzle game where you have to plan your moves, and then some puzzles just need you to be quick. if you ever revisit this kind of mechanic, the idea of sawblades or obstacles that move when you move is a really neat idea.

its very nice! its very similar to snakebird, but snakebird is a fun game with fun mechanics and you did a good job making your own types of levels, so there's nothing wrong with that. XD

At least you could reference the original game that did this exact thing... which I believe is from Nitrome

Easy game but... level 18.. its hard but possible :) I love it!

This is a really fun and unique take on the concept of snake! My only complaint is that some of the level geometry didn't have to be there, like there were a few pieces of ground I never had to touch, but I suppose having multiple solutions is what makes most puzzle games interesting! Other than that, it could use a bit of polish. But nonetheless, loved it!
Oh also, a certain late game level is WAY too unforgiving...