Reviews for "Zelda TP - Hyrule Field (NES)"


This is an awesome remake a already good song.

^_^ this is what i look like when i listen to this song


I always enjoy listening to these old video game songs like this.

you are a master of nes music!

that was perfect twilight princess nes music!


I'm so downloading this one!!

The past and future combines.

This shows how epic today's music would of been if one had "thought" of this kinda music in the past. Though due to how man sounds play in this music, I would have to say that the music is more 16 BIT then 8 BIT. Strange enough, the music even sounds better then the original some how, that or it's beat is just amazing for words. Somehow it also sounds like a 16 bit techno, which makes it amazingly epic. Fans of the old games sure would love to hear this in a "8 bit/16 bit" Zelda game, but we wont see anything like that anymore sadly, but again this is amazing.
My one sentence for those who do not want to read the whole thing is this.
"If only the makes of zelda thought of this music back then, then that would be sweet."