Reviews for "Zelda TP - Hyrule Field (NES)"

Another great audio!

Wow, you're on fire at the minute! This tune was hot hot hot!

You've captured the Hyrule field theme perfectly and transformed it into a nes track perfectly! The original Hyrule field theme is excellent, and any NES video game music tends to be excellent, so by combining the two you have made something amazing, beautiful! I love this!

I've heard all of your other stuff and you've done nothing but amaze! I'm going to listen to "A (Renaissance) [Trance]" after this to see if you really have submitted nothing but top quality stuff!

I'm keeping my eye on you! All of your tracks are going to be Diamond tracks soon enough!

I cannot WAIT to hear more of your work!

apxn responds:

wohww thanks!
thank you all for leaving these reviews! =]

Yeah i've always been a big zelda fan,
and the music of hyrule field is so
catchy in every zelda game.
(every zelda song is XD)
I just wanted to make a simple remix of it. so i thought why not make a nes remix. nes music only uses 4 channels =] so i just simulated that. I only used 4 instruments: Square 1, Square 2, Triangle, Noise.
I used a little reverb and delay effect on the synths though.

I really try to do my best and try to make alot of songs for newgrounds.

Thanks again >>> (EVERYONE!) <<<

Very nicely done

Hey cool, I'm your first reviewer! Ok, so anyway, this is pretty cool. You took a Zelda song and made it danceable. That's neat. Not sure if the nes could actually pull this off, but I don't think that's the point. I sure like twilight princess! The wii rocks! Nice job on this song, it's a bit short, but I guess it must be as long as the theme in the game.