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Reviews for "Lan connection 3xb"

im giving you an extra 0.5 stars btw just because this game had medals

but anyways, the concept of this game is pretty great, although this is somewhat just simplified tetris connect 2 or more, its cool. besides the repetitive techno song that sounded like it came out of an old flash game here on newgrounds, its cool

a few bugs i had was when exiting, the orange goo or whatever you call it wasn't really on the foreground (that means the blocks still can be seen) and also you can't get out of the settings once you entered it. (idk why but the sound slider sticks to the position of your cursor) but besides that, _its cool_ (no really tho i enjoyed it)

EverErratic responds:

My song that is used here is from 2011 so you're right :D

Artur-Felipe responds:

This was not supposed to happen. Which browser do you use? Thanks for the comment.

Long time no see. It seems like you are getting better

Artur-Felipe responds:

Thanks for the support. And thank you so much for playing <3