Reviews for "Peni parker(s)"

Funny. The style of the art is very good.

Thats so cool

This. Is. Awesome!
The colours are bright and vivid, and the experessions are nice.

Let's see, what do we have here...
We have

1. Awesomeness
2. Suspicion
3. Anger
4. Smugginess
5. Disgust
6. Cuddlyness
7. Amazement
8. Poker Face


(BTW, what equipment didi you use to make it?)


Love the style of your work! The rough outline look reminds of some of the old school cartoons produced in the 60s-80s. Overall you did a great job!

Ennuikal responds:

thank you so much!!! those things really inspire me so to hear that means a lot :)