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Reviews for "Crap Os X"

Vincent_Valentine is a stupid fag !

Crap OS X2 is in the making you idiotic sack of shit, go to NG Alphas you little cock-sucker!

What the...?

No resemblance to Mac OS X at all.

A quick little note to THEpower:

P.S: I've seen mac os x2 screenshots at ng alphas, and i liked!

OS X2? What are you smoking?

MrCongeniality responds:

Crap Os X2. It should be finished in 2009.


Cool... my hard disk is been using by an hacker!! isn't quite?

And... This have nothing in commun with Mac Os X...
But well...

P.S: I've seen mac os x2 screenshots at ng alphas, and i liked!


wasnt bad wasnt good it was meh.. i didnt like clicking soo much but it was ok pretty funny

WTF? stupid Bannaskin ass

hey, dont listen to that blowhard bannanaskin, the stupid ass, anyone who downs anything Macintosh is cool in my book, that is the stupidest fucking computer ever made, the only reason Macs are still around is because people too cheap to by a REAL computer are still playing their little preschool games and not getting out of their parents basements, dude get a fucking life. as for Congeniality, you Rock, make more, piss mac users off, its funny, lol. NEWGROUNDS ROX!!!!