Reviews for "The Final Task"

Oh My Fucking God

You are THE MAN. That's one of the best fucking works of art I have ever seen... shit, I'm stunned... you are one bad motherfucker...


That was good!
The best portal entry EVER

What the HEll????????

Where did this come from?
This is the Final Task? WHat happened to the first ones? Unless you STOLE this work from somebody else......not pointing any fingers. But anyway the Movie Itself is Great. Well You shoudl be coming in fisrt tommorow
Check out MY Movies/games. Those you can actually play and control things.

I'm speechless.

All i can say is wow. i have no critisism for this piece. it was flawless. you play careful attention to detail, and it shows in your work! good job!


Man! This is the best portal entry I've ever seen. I hate to see it go, but I think this will beat out Star Wars Rap for the #1 portal spot!

Great Job! Make More!!!