Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"

LOl your joking?

Well you made me listen to your song 4 times now!!! I'm also a bit full on the hot chocolate and cookies. Do I get something else :) Umm this song isn't original anymore. I think it will be funny messing with ppl who don't know how many versions of this song you have. Let's make four revelations in the top 10 dance section. Wait maybe 3 cause your original gots a 3.5/5. Oh nice title variation. 2 stars now instead of 1 on both sides of revelation. Okay I don't see much of a difference between the supposedly final version and the umm final version type 2. LOL Funny how ppl are still downloading all your revelation songs. How do you do it? I bet you'll get people downloading all your revelation songs even if you posted 10 versions. I'm not downloading this one. I already downloaded your "OTHER" ones. I don't need more revelation. So I hope this is my last review for revelation and glad you finally submitted the song. I guess submitting a song on NG is harder than making a song lol. Not making fun of you. Just kidding around. Nothing much else to say. Bye for now Oh did you see your diversity score. Now it is 9 Later dude

Jebbal responds:

Okay, here's what happened! I save the song as an mp3 in FL Studio everytime I add anything new, so I have about 20 Revelations on my computer. I named them all like "Revelation new" "Revelation Newer" "Revelation New Version" "Revelation New Sound" lol So can you see how I accidentally uploaded the wrong one? The file I uploaded under "*-Revelation-*(Final Version)" was an older save I had, and I meant to upload the most recent one.

I've double checked, and this time I DID upload the right file, and I will NOT be uploading another version of Revelation. It's over. On to the next song. ;)

Thanks for writing yet another review lol

Hmmmm... have a pancake and a Sprite Spritzer. xD