Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"

very good

This is the greatest song in the world no this is just a tribute. Anyway good song i loved everything about it. It has good beat and very good rythm it should be number 1 on this site

Jebbal responds:

No it's not, and no it shouldn't.

Stop downrating other peoples' songs.

Wow... this is good. Nice job!

No wonder after more than a week (two? I'm not going to bother checking) this song's at such a high score... it's really good! You deserve much more than what you have now.

Your melody is genius, I have to say. There are creative rhythms and note progressions, and the notes support each other melodically - nothing clashes and it's all pleasant to listen to. You chose your synths well, too. No suggestions here... you've got it perfect. Try to beat this next time you're making a song, it's really good.

Your harmonies are also great, they support the melody and add harmony to the song. Honestly, with all these synths, I'd expect a loss in sound quality... but it's all clear and I have no problems. Better still is that nothing sounds cliched, you don't use any overused note progressions in this song. I like this a lot...

Percussion is also great in this song... it gives off a very nice "hardcore" feeling... I would have submitted this in Techno, but okay. Anyway, your drums samples are very creative, and I hear creative rhythms a lot but not as often as I could, I think.

You get a great half-dance half-hardcore atmosphere in this song. Very nice and ravey. My one problem is that the song seems to drag on after a while. You could have condensed it all into a three-minute song that would have ended before the listener gets bored. Try not to let that happen... length is good, but only if themes aren't repeated and the song isn't boring. This is the one flaw of the song - fix it and you've got a masterpiece.

Overall great song... PM me later on if you want me to review a song you've submitted in the near future. Keep up the great work! Voted 5, and downloaded.

Jebbal responds:

Woww, Thanks for the long and detailed review! I have to say I really enjoyed reading it. So many compliments! =D lol

Yaa, I put a lot of effort into this. I was ready to use good sound samples for the first time, and I wanted to make something that would blow away the other stuff I've made. But that wasn't too hard to do. xD

I agree with what you said about it dragging on after a while. I rushed to get it done and just copied the part from the beginning of the song and put it at the end. I should've had it go into something new, or maybe I should have just done what you said...

But I'm proud of it either way!

Thanks for the review! You may have the last dinner roll!


this song is realllly cool! i love it! ^^ it sounds just like something that would play at a school dance lol

Jebbal responds:

This song is realllly cool?? You love it?? It sounds just like something that would play at a school dance??? Wow!!

Thanks for the review! Have a stapler! And maybe a hole puncher too??

Not bad.

- you lost a point or two on originality for having so many versions posted :)

Either way though it's not bad - not my style but I saw your advert and figured I'd see what you're about.

I think you may have overdone the sidechaining a bit. the BD is ducking the rest of the track a llittle too much or a little too sharply - maybe softer gate settings would help a bit. Oh well - take it or leave it really - I know nothing about dance and I generally try not to pretend to so maybe that's all part of what makes a great dance track.

Either way - It's definitely worth a 5 - you've done a really bang-up job on it!

Jebbal responds:

Yes, I asked for the other 3 to be deleted. We'll see what happens. lol

I'm not going to pretend I know much either... I don't know what sidechaining, BD, or gate settings are. xD I just screw around with the sounds in any way the program lets me until I like the way it turns out, I really have no idea what does what and stuff. It's just that up until I made this song, I'd been using the crappy, unchanged stuff that comes with FL like the Plucked sound. lol

Thanks for the review!


Hey man I just saw you place an advert in that thread.

I was curious, I haven't seen you round the forums before so I thought I'd come check our your piece!

I like it, reverse cymbal kick and I thought that's a cool opening, I've heard it before but not all too often. It came as a pleasant surprise.

Now before I go on, I'm gonna say this: I read your response to the last review and about how you name your FL files as you progress, that's exactly what I do. there's a better way to do that, which is: File, Save new version

saves hassle, it puts a number on the end of your current version!

anyway on with the review ;)

I would have put this under Trance more than Dance, but no biggy, it's gonna make people get up and strut their stuff! and it got me dancing in my seat! distracting me from typing >:(

The Melodies in this were pretty hot too!

Awesome job man! Keep up the great work!

Peace Out!


Jebbal responds:

Thanks, I'll take a look at the save new version thing next time I'm messing around in FL. =)

Hmmm ya I wasn't sure what genre to put this in... I just though "Well, the song makes me wanna dance... OH THERE'S A GENRE CALLED DANCE!" lol So ya, I just stuck it in there.

Dance was closer than techno though, right? I put the first version in techno. xD

Thanks for noticing the melodies! I took my time and tried to come up with something unique and catchy. Lots of notes on the offbeat in the main chorus, I like that.

Thanks muchos for the review man! Means a lot to me!