Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"


Respect! although you could add just a little more of an an edge to it, but either way it still kicks ass!!!!!

Jebbal responds:

Thank you for your respect, you're so respectful! I'll try to answer your review with as much respect as you gave me. Watch me return the favor. Your review has earned some respect. What a kickass review! ONLY A 9?? THATS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I guess i really did need to put that edge in it! It was a tough decision when I made the song. "Should I add an edge or not?" I decided not to. Whoops!

Thanks for the review!


Off this goes to the dance playlist on the Ipod, not sure but might make it on to the fav list there to

Jebbal responds:

Hey nice job!! You found one of my real songs!

Revolution, more likely!

What can I say about such awsomeness? Only that it is one of the better songs on here, and one of the most dancable songs I've heard in a long, long time. Fan - fricken' - nomnial! (I'm sorry I don't do 10s, but this might change my mind =])

Jebbal responds:

People tend to use the word "dancable" a lot in their reviews of this song! Is it even a word????? lol but no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes. no, no, no but seriously now, we can't be doin' this. If it wants to be opened it would say a bit of scrambler. "Fan - fricken' - nominal" woooo! I've waiting for someone to say that! You know what else? I really appreciate you taking some time to write a review for me! I read it three times, as to not miss a word!!! "I'm sorry I don't do 10s, but this might change my mind=]" lol Well apparently it didn't change your mind because you gave me a 9. =( roflmaolmaololhahaomfgloltwsfomfghaha halololololLOLOLOLOL\_()\_ Thanks for all this 9NineBreaker9!!!! You done good, you done good. What the fook were we just talking about


Well, I don't make these things so I can't really comment on the technicalities of the piece. However, I can tell you that this is a really danceable song. I especially love how it sort of had this pause in the background beat at 2:05 and then built up. Always love it when songs do stuff like that.

Anyways, nice piece.


Jebbal responds:

Thank you very much Krys! Your kind words have inspired me, a silly dragon awakening from its (once believed) eternal slumber, ready to make haste and take action! "What will it do first," the people wonder! Very wise are they to be concerned of this. What WILL the dragon do? Does it even remember what it had for lunch those many years ago? We are Dragon Watchers, descendents of the great and venerable Sevilius Mortlax himself. We have been watching over the mighty beast for roughly two weeks now. Words cannot even begin to describe what I am feeling as I observe, taken aback by the dragon's leisu(*$$##666377100001010101shitfuck damnhellass Thanks for the reivew, Krys! Oh, before I forget, right? What time is the banquet next Sunday? Thanks in advance...

it are be the coolerest!

This song was well executed.... BUT it was so much better alive.... *sniffle* it are sadest it be over. COOLEREST song i heard in a while... i find the ebeat is Fun... ITS DANCABLE!*dances* Welp... I look forward to seeing your many reviews to the almighty shawn as they are always entertaining to say the least! And i do say make more mooziks!

Jebbal responds:

Haha, ya I guess you could mix them together... Don't blame me when you've cooked yourself up a royal mess though! Yep, that's a little hint NOT to try it. ;)

What more can I say? Throwing chairs has always been a hobby of mine. I like to throw them in random directions without using my eyes or ears! One day someone got in the way. I am sorry that she has to go the rest of her days on life support and in a wheel chair, but I am not sorry about what I did. There was plenty of warning for people passing by. I put up 4 "Chair throwing man" signs all around the area. She should've kept her eyes out for the chair throwing man. I'm the chair throwing man. I can't throw the chair I'm sitting in; That would be silly.

This review was well executed.... BUT it was so much better alive.... *sniffle* it are sadest it be over. COOLEREST review i read in a while... i find the esentence-structure is Fun... ITS READABLE!*reads* Welp... I look forward to seeing your many songs to the almighty Joey as they are always entertaining to say the least! And i do say make more stapler!

Sorry NeutralParty,
Your iTunes request could not be completed.

But having to do with and again where, thanks for writing this swell review on my nearly 5 month old song! I have taken a long break from moosiking to sort out my priorities, but perhaps I shall return to the music maker in the near future! It can't do it on its own you know!


And sorry it took so long to reply to these apples! Accordingly, I took a 5 month break from Newgrounds as well! But tha