Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"

hi what is up

edge what`s the edge it is good but what edge?

Jebbal responds:

The edge... Where to begin... The edge is the study of the relationship between quanta and elementary particles. The effects of quantum mechanics, or the edge, are typically not observable on macroscopic scales, but become evident at the atomic and subatomic level. I guess you could say that this is how I manage to take showers every once in a while. The word "quantum" comes from the Latin word, which means "what quantity" by the way. I doubt you knew that. Maybe you did. Thanks for the review!

Good job!

Im going to keep this simple...

I like it, keepup the good work mate.

Jebbal responds:

This review is extremely complex. I'm having a hard time understanding what you wrote, sorry dude.

nice job

make another one 5/5 great job

Jebbal responds:

Okay! I'll make another one! 5/5? Thank you! Great job?! Now you've got it! This is a one of a kind event right here! How did you think of this? Es increible. Thanks for the review you little anime lover!

Nothing Wrong Here

Great for a club... how long did you work on it? I didn't see anything wrong with it... perfect in many aspects... I'll get back to you in a year when I'll probly find something wrong... "Eh, that verse shouldn't be there!" anyways... I gotta split, like a bannana, eh... I'm hungry... I'm gonna go eat a bannana and play Half-Life-2

Jebbal responds:

I worked on and off for about 2 decades and that's no lie. If a baseball player played hockey, would he be called a hockey player? I don't know! Don't go and play half life 2! Play some CoD4 so you can shout "planting claymore!" Why are you malfunctioning? Is it because the system is down? Let me know if you ever find your winky dink. Thanks for esto reviewo!

Very Naice

INCREDIBLE.... I ORGASM TO IT!!! The blending and syncing is fantastic love the transitions and changes and verses throughout

Jebbal responds:

Cunt, GET your stomach pumped! You can go attack left flank now. I've got the right flank. Two thousand, 5 hundred, and 37 tangos in the building. I'm taking the shot. No! That's ridiculous! Don't take the shot you won't get them all! BANG! Tangos down. Planting claymore.

I don't care about anything you have to say.

Thanks for the review!