Reviews for "*- Revelation -*"


loving the melody and the energy. this is something i can get funky too.

Jebbal responds:

Hmmm upon creating your newgrounds account, you quickly rushed over to the audio portal and reviewed four random songs! As if you were on a mission! Mine happens to be one of those four, I feel like a lucky man! Or do I need to look into this???


dude, if i could give that a 12 i would, keep up the kick aass work

Jebbal responds:

But what would I have to do to get a 13?? Actually no I wouldn't want a 13 I'd probably die later on in the day. I'll take a 14. Thank you! Attack left flank please


Pretty good job, The title is well chosen

Jebbal responds:

Revelation is the act of revealing or disclosing (see etymology), or in the theological conseption, making something obvious and clearly understood through active or passive communication with the divine, "which could not be known apart from the unveiling" (Goswiller 1987 p. 3)[verification needed].

In monotheistic religions, revelation is the process, or act of making divine knowledge understood, often through direct ontological realization which transcends the human state and reaches into the divine intellect.

Revelation in a religious sense can originate from God, a deity, or their agents such as an angel, and discloses a willed outcome, principles, behaviours, laws and doctrines, although the realized principle can also be interpreted as the realizing principle.

Most religions have religious texts viewed as sacred and revealed by the Divine, the monotheistic religions viewing them as the "Word of God".

This is a nice song

wow! awsome! I feel Revelation in the feeling of the tune, I really like it! wow! It goes well with the angry face visualization.

Jebbal responds:

Haha I've always thought that too. The angry faic really gets into the song doesn't he! Wow?! Awesome?! You feel Revelation in the feeling of the tune? You really like it? Wow?! It goes well with the angry face visualization?! Thanks for the review!


Pretty pretty pretty good!

Jebbal responds:

I hoped you would say that! My day is made. Thank you very much Skyfucker! :D
I could sure use a tax deduction.